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location: Via exterior, Silvares. Guimarães
area:  57 267 m2
project date: 2018
construction completion date: 2021

architecture: SAM architects


The planting plan was designed to create green spaces with a wide variety of species and low maintenance.

The tree species chosen are of rustic character and ornamental value. The use of Cupressus leylandi , an evergreen species, allows the existence of a green continuum during the winter, and the columnar size of the bastard cypress is also important for reducing the visual impact of retaining walls.


For the new routes, tree species of different sizes were chosen, in order to adapt to the scale of each route.

All tree species chosen for the green strips along the road are deciduous in order to create shade in the summer and allow greater use of the hours of sunshine during the winter. Shrub species were chosen for their resilience and aesthetic value. For the soil cover of the boilers and green strips, a flowering meadow was chosen for its biological diversity and low maintenance.

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