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JAG landscape architecture


Working with Landscape is working with the various systems that compose it and perceiving the way in which they interact in perfection.


This is a landscape architecture firm focused on the development of urbanism, planning and rehabilitation projects in green areas.

The objective is to conceive and create quality spaces that fulfill the needs of today's society and satisfy the taste of customers. All projects are thought out in detail, in order to offer viable solutions that embrace innovation and creativity.



From an early age I showed an interest in art and a great respect for nature. Today I am a landscape architect and I seek to contribute to the creation of a more conscious and connected society to natureza.


During my journey I acquired aptidões which increased my taste, respect and dedication to this profession.

I intend to design functional, ecological, economic spaces and of course aesthetically and sensorially pleasant.


Joana  Alves Gomes

(APAP Member 1324)


2021 - Complementary Training of Pressure Irrigation Systems, APAP;

2019 - Advanced Idea Acceleration Program, IN.AVE Empreende;


2018  - Business plan - micro-business creation, ISQ ;

2016  - Training of trainers, IEFP;

         - Formação em QuantumGis, IGAP, trainer Manuela Sampayo;

2013 to 2016  - Master in Landscape Architecture, UTAD, Vila Real,

Master's Thesis:  

“Green Cyclable Corridor Proposal for the city of Guimarães”:

2009 to 2012  - Degree in Landscape Architecture, UTAD, Vila Real.



07/11/2016 a 09/30/2016  - Internship, Gardening, project budgeting; Schumacher Companies, Inc., Massachusetts (USA)

27/10/2015 to 20/05/2016  - Collaboration in a Rural Tourism project, Quinta do Castelo, Eiras, Chaves (Portugal)

Tel: 934 903 330,,;

01/19/2015 to 09/25/2015  - Curricular internship, Guimarães City Council, Department of Urban Planning and Development Promotion

Tel: 253 421 200,,




- Project for the arrangement of green spaces for the ALDI Logistics Center,

Santo Tirso

- Green spaces arrangement project for IEFP, Vila Nova de Santo André

- Design of green spaces for ERPI, Day Center and Social Center of the

Parish of Joane, Guimarães

- Arrangement project of green spaces for Allotment, Sesimbra

- Arrangement project of green spaces for Allotment, Odiáxere

- Private garden, Fafe

- Private garden, Sesimbra

- Private garden, Guimarães

- Private garden, Braga

- Terrace garden, Braga


- National 16 in Viseu

- Nursery Nuno Simões, Guimarães

- Exterior arrangements of multifamily building, Madalena,

Vila Nova de Gaia

- Urban Arrangement of the Centrality of Lordelo, Guimarães

- Palace of Justice Vila Franca de Xira

- Car park, fontainhas, Oeiras

- Subdivision in Urgezes, Guimarães

- Photovoltaic Power Station, Guimarães,

- Private garden, Caneiros Guimarães

- Private garden, Penha Guimarães

- Private garden, Atães Guimarães


- Exterior arrangement project (PIP) for the Padel academy 1º de Novembro,


- Moreira de Cónegos Family Health Unit, under construction

- Urban Arrangement in Guardizela, under construction

- Motel in Covas, Guimarães

- Hotel in Penha, Guimarães

- Private garden, Gondizalves, Braga, completed

- Private garden, Braga, under construction

- Private garden, São Torcato, under construction

- Private garden, Amarante, under construction

- Exterior repairs of commercial areas, Lidl (Portimão, Belas, Moita, Rio de

Mouros, Silvares, Rebelva, Viseu, Mafra, Massamá)


- GRN Territorial Post, Lordelo, approved

- Detail Plan, Vila Romana de Freiria

- Subdivision, Vilar, Penafiel,

- Allotment in Britos, S. Estevão and Donim

- Private Garden in Luanda

- Private farm garden, Ponte da Barca

- Vizela private garden, completed

- Fafe private garden, completed

- Exterior fittings of Lidl commercial areas (Fermentões, Vila das Aves,

Castelo Branco, Águeda, Vialonga, Fofó, Famalicão)


- Industrial Allotment, Calvelo, Ponte de Lima, under construction

- Private garden, Costa Guimarães, completed

- Private garden, Moledo, Caminha, completed

- Lidl commercial surface exterior repairs (Lourinhã, São Brás de Alportel,

Arganil, Maia, Sintra)

- Exterior work on Mercadona commercial space, Penafiel

- Member of multidisciplinary teams for subdivisions (Ponte and São

Martinho de Sande in Guimarães)


- Private garden, Bonfim, Porto, completed

- Private garden, Mesão Frio, completed

- Tourist allotment, area 7300m2, São Torcato, Guimarães, completed

- Exterior repairs of commercial surface, Intermarché, Lordelo, completed


- Parque do Rio, Manteigas, area: 11 300 m2, City Hall of Manteigas,

under construction

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