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location: Guimaraes
area:  7300 m2
project date: 2018
work completion date: in completion
architecture: moove architects LDA 


In Guimarães  there is a tourist facility, with 4 houses and a restaurant, with generous space for organizing events.


The tree species used (Acer campestre, Ligustrum japonicum, Populus nigra itálica, Quercus rubra) were chosen considering the rural character of the space and its ornamental interest. A fig tree and several pre-existing olive trees were still maintained.


The shrub species chosen (Cotoneaster horizontalis, Juniperus x media pfitzeriana, Prunus laurocerasus) are favorable for a space that is intended to be low maintenance, at the request of the client, and with the current principles of sustainability in mind.


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