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location: Guimaraes
area:  92 036 m2
project date: 2020
construction completion date: PIP

architecture: moove arquitectos LDA


The present project proposes to act on the landscape in two aspects;  on the one hand, it intends to improve the visual/landscape quality of the place and to rehabilitate the intervention area, on the other hand, it is intended to create a diversified offer of spaces that enhance the hotel.

To improve the visual quality of the site and rehabilitate the intervention area, the following actions are proposed: 

- Removal of weeds trees gradually and by sectors;

- Soil improvement by depositing litter and straw, covered with earth;

- Planting of trees in patches, following the contour lines;

- Planting of native forest species, adapted to local climatic conditions.

The program for the hotel's green spaces encompasses different areas such as:

- framing, walking and free recreation areas;

- formal garden areas next to the building and equipment;

- pedestrian walkways to access equipment, clearings, points of interest;

- vegetable garden;

- chestnut tree;

- clearing areas.

riparian gallery proposal


forest plantation proposal



It is proposed to regenerate riparian galleries with the planting of more trees and shrubs ( Alnus glutinosa , Amieiro ; Betula alba , Birch ; Populus alba , White poplar ; Populos nigra , Black poplar ; Frangula alnus , Sanguinho-de-agua; Faxinus angustifolia , Common ash; Ulmus minor , Elmo).


For the planting of forest areas it is proposed the replication of some plant species already existing in the surroundings ( Quercus robur ) and the planting of new species,  autochthonous/spontaneous in Portugal ( Quercus suber, Castanea sativa , Quercus pyrenaica, Quercus róbur ).


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