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location: Fafe

area: 400 m2

project date: 2020

work completion date: in completion

architecture: ACG Construções 




The planning of this space was designed to integrate the needs and preferences expressed by the client and create a concept of a diversified and cohesive space.

The main goals were to create a pleasant garden that complements the house and with low maintenance costs. To achieve these goals, a simple design was created that complements the architecture of the house, and preference was given to the use of Mediterranean shrubs, well adapted to the hot and dry climate in summer and cold and humid in winter.

Regarding the organization of the garden, we can identify 3 distinct areas, the arrival area, the area surrounding the pool, and the garden in the east. In the garden in the entrance area, spaces for living and leisure are privileged, with a large lawn and spaces in the shade of trees. In the surrounding area, the swimming pool gave priority to the Mediterranean character, taking advantage of the presence of water, and using Olives, Santolinas, White Sargaço and Lavender. In the east garden, a stadia area was created on a deck interconnected with areas of shrubs and lawn, giving continuity to the chosen character, with the use of olive trees, fruit trees of the Prunus genus, and shrubs with a Mediterranean character.

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