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private garden - Porto house

Porto garden

location: port
area: 100 m2
project date: 2019
work completion date: in completion
architecture: moove architects LDA 

The garden / patio is part of a house in the center of Porto.

When the building's rehabilitation work began, the patio was in very poor condition, full of dead species and weeds.

The demolition of annexes and floors, land cleaning and identification of species  to be maintained, felled and transplanted were carried out.

Rua Antero de Quental-va.jpg

 maintaim, transplant , demolitions

A program and design for the space was created for the following purposes:

- Create a family garden and framing the house;

- Create wide green zones for recreio;

- Reduce the negative impact of the sheet metal side gable;

- Reduce the negative impact of vacant houses to the west;

- Take advantage of as many existing species as possible.

Finally, the project was carried out.


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