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Location: downtown Porto
area: 45 m2
project date: 2017
construction completion date: 2018
architecture: moove arquitectos LDA 

private garden - Porto villa



The garden / patio is part of a house from the year 1877, in the center of Porto.

When the building's rehabilitation work began, the patio was full of buildings and annexes, making it necessary to demolish all the buildings, keeping only the original annex (which was rediscovered). At this stage, soil was laid and three cypresses and vines ( Hedera hélix and Parthenocissus tricuspidata ) were planted so that they would grow during the work period.

At the end of the rehabilitation works, the remaining design for the garden was carried out.


The goals for the design of this garden were:

-.Create the garden as a sequence/consequence from inside the house;

- Design an area for planting shrubs and herbs with species characteristic of family gardens in the port;

- Reuse some existing species in pots;

- Create a free grassed area for living/recreation;

- Provide areas of light shade and privacy to read a book and relax;

- Maintain the character of the Portuense garden. 

private garden - Porto villa - after
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