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balcony garden Guimarães

location: Guimaraes

area: 13 m2

project date: 2017

construction completion date: 2017



- To frame the point of view of the Room;

- Mitigate the expression of the front view (buildings), without, however, preventing the left side view (trees and mountains);

- Make the balcony a pleasant living space, with privacy and freshness;

- Create a more interesting backdrop for the living room.


The project proposes the creation of a space with unity (uniform) through the placement of six equal vases, white, aligned and, simultaneously, incorrect (dynamic) as they are spaced apart and filled with two different species.

The three vases next to the wall of the facade, aim to reduce the presence of the front buildings providing a private space where it is proposed to place a garden table and two chairs in order to create a pleasant space to have a drink, read, relax.


The chosen species are Laurus nobilis (laurel) and Photinia x Fraseri (Photinia); the first chosen for its dense and robust foliage, ideal for placing next to the wall, closing the view (a native species of interest for its spice and medicinal characteristics), and the second species for its lighter, permeable, colorful character, ideal for staying together to the window giving lightness and, however, maintaining a uniform character with the laurels.

varanda depois_edited.jpg
varanda depois_edited.jpg
varanda JAG_edited.jpg

In this project, a design and execution of the garden was carried out.

Planting of all plant material and placement of furniture.

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