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4.JAG_Azurem_Equadramento site.jpg

Location: Azurém, Guimaraes
area:  18800 m2
project date: 2019
construction completion date: in progress
architecture: moove arquitectos LDA


Project of Arrangement and Framing Exterior Spaces of the Urbanization located in Azurém, Guimarães.


The present project intends to rehabilitate and frame the outdoor area, surrounding the lots and parking, in order to enhance the aesthetic and ecological space, transforming the area into a qualified green space, attractive to residents.

The proposal can be divided into 5 distinct areas:

- areas bordering motorways and pedestrian walkways, where deciduous trees were placed in the boiler in order to reduce the impact of the road and cars, creating visual and thermal comfort, providing shade during the warmer months and allowing the entry of sunlight during the colder months. Placing shrub beds in these areas allows for the creation of a more human scale and provides color during the colder months, when the trees lose their foliage;


- square areas, where it was decided to combine paved areas with areas of shrubs, placing benches and small trees, deciduous and light shade, in order to create the ideal space to stay, allowing and encouraging good coexistence between neighbors and users of space in general;


- walking and leisure areas, where we chose to create winding paths that allow you to wander around the place taking advantage of the shade of the trees and the pleasant views, a more direct and accessible route that allows the connection faster between spaces also providing an element of unification and a clearing area-orla that provides qualified living areas;


- areas surrounding the road, where trees were chosen to reduce the negative impact of noise and prevailing air currents;

- framing areas and ecological corridor, where the use of shrubs, trees of species existing in the vicinity and meadow was chosen, this being a framing space not accessible to users, for safety reasons and thus allowing the development of habitat for the local fauna.

planting plan


floor plan



In order to better frame the space, we proceeded to survey the species existing in the intervention site and surroundings, in order to replicate the good examples and remove weed species.

In addition to replicating existing plant species in the surroundings, new plant species were chosen, giving preference to native species, spontaneous in Portugal and well adapted to the region's soil and climate conditions, allowing the ecological recovery of the site, the comfort of users and the improvement of values. aesthetic.

In the choice of shrub species, priority was given to the choice of native or spontaneous species in Portugal, well adapted to the edaphoclimatic characteristics of the place and with aesthetic value.

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